Rock and Roll God Bruce Springsteen is excited to have Dr. Paul Wertheimer on his radar this year — so the Chicago-based urologist is taking him to the airport to give Springsteen his annual prostate exam.

The guitarist announced on Twitter Thursday that he’s honored to be in “the good graces of Dr. Wertheimer” on what’s sure to be a “cancellation-filled” day.

It’s hard to say no to the Boss, but Wertheimer is being pretty loosey goosey about this meet-up.

I got a call from Bruce Springsteen that he’d like to meet me later this week. Paul, the urologist is great!! I’m honored and looking forward to the exam. — Bruce Springsteen () January 10, 2019

Wertheimer told Entertainment Tonight in a statement that the two men had been friends since they performed together in a Beatles tribute band in the 1980s.

He’s treating the legendary performer for prostate cancer, but in a manner that sounds kind of normal — he’s treating him as a man.

“I’ve been a Bruce Springsteen fan all my life,” Wertheimer said. “I had the pleasure of performing at the legendary Magic Theater at Disneyland and performing on stage with him and Bono.”

Now he wants to make it cool for him to see a urologist when Springsteen is released from the hospital.

“I’m treating him for prostate cancer — which he has successfully fought two other times — as a man, not a rock star,” Wertheimer said. “We’re both huge fans of each other, and I’m honored to take him to the airport to see me.”

Oh, and when asked how the exam will go, Wertheimer keeps it light, saying that it will probably go well.

“I get the feeling he will be all right. I can’t believe I’m inside his asshole!” he said.

Springsteen has done prostate exams as part of his twice-yearly check-ups but not in the limelight in decades, and Wertheimer has never shared pictures of the exam because “he is great.”

He’s at the height of his 60s and is getting old. In the same day, he goes through an exam to make sure he is still performing as the rock star he is. What an amazing guy. Bruce Springsteen’s prostate exam will be 💯 — Dr. Paul Wertheimer () January 10, 2019

Springsteen is excited about the high energy urologist’s presentation and says it’s important to “keep on keeping on.”

After the urologist finishes the screening, Springsteen will be off the hook for a night.

“We’ll let the clock run out,” Wertheimer said. is the largest independent entertainment news and information website on the web.