If you want to be really productive, don’t touch it, but rather, don’t lift it.

If you want to be really productive, don’t touch it, but rather, don’t lift it.

Peronsals people think that they might be productive by turning on their voice-operated keyboard or – better yet – their virtual assistant. With repetitive tasks decreasing, productivity rises. But, there are some things that are not so productive.

Here are some examples:

Office techies do not need to rely on a powerful pen for a quick notebook drafting. They should trust their software. Another pet peeve is emails saying “maintaining speed,” indicating the writer wants constant alerts.

When you are on Facebook and you really want to write a short email to your childhood friend, keep your site down. If you want to write to someone, do it on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

If you watch TV every day you can use a fast program like Netflix to organize your thoughts.

Get on exercise and eating a balanced diet. This will significantly increase the power of your mind and body.

Although people may think they’re really getting things done with online shopping, it’s the constant marketing that’s wasteful and bothersome.

Don’t think of certain activities in a cumbersome way – it will bring down productivity. For example, if you have to go to an attorney’s office for an important matter, you are very likely going to “be productive.” However, when the bill comes, it will feel as if you’ve been chained. Yes, it’s important that you have a lawyer. But, you don’t have to work that much.

In most creative professions, the hours you put in are particularly fun and rewarding. But these fields can be fatiguing. If you want to gain flexibility and be able to schedule your hours more efficiently, begin with a task-by-task plan and stick to it.

There are plenty of excuses that people avoid feeling productive. They hate what they do. They don’t understand their work. They feel as if they are not good enough. Or they have to defend the work or feel as if they are being judged by it.

But most of the time, these excuses are self-generated. When people put in long hours, the ones that will keep them feeling productive are those that:

Are your voluntary activities you love to do.

Allow you to fit your lifestyle.

Aren’t too connected.

Receive some small rewards from the jobs.

Often people can find the time to get worked up about a project or your work-day, but when it comes to developing the habits that will help you be productive, time is no longer the concern.

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This post was originally published on microbnyc.com.

Dasia Moore is an online content strategist at microbnyc, where she provides writing and writing coaching to entrepreneurs.