Once again, Los Angeles offers a lesson that it’s vital to take a closer look at major-league baseball when it comes to the territorial rights to Southland markets.

In June, the New York Yankees will start playing regular-season games at the new Miami Marlins Park. That’s expected to draw a few thousand fans in the season opener.

But what does that mean? Are the Mets and Dodgers jealous of the Yankees or does it show the Yankees ownership’s preference for playing in South Florida?

Last year, the Dodgers canceled a two-game series against the Arizona Diamondbacks after they came to Dodger Stadium, saying they were being allocated a greater amount of games in the Arizona market, but they failed to provide additional data, prompting some people to take the Dodgers at their word.

Last year, the New York Mets opted out of a lease on Citi Field in Flushing for 2019, and now they’re in a potential bidding war for Los Angeles.

This year, reports indicate that the Dodgers and Mets would both like to move into a proposed stadium for the New York Yankees at Willets Point.

Last year, the Orioles opted out of a lease at Camden Yards to be part of a possible TV network and tried unsuccessfully to get new territory.

The last time an ownership group tried to get the team to uproot from New York, there was an uproar.

Arte Moreno had an opportunity to turn down taking the Angels to Anaheim and stay in Orange County, but in 2000, he took advantage of a New York Yankees rock-solid buyout of the lease for Edison Field to build a team and move to Angel Stadium. He made big money in the process.

Of course, he wishes his franchise didn’t have to play in a stadium that has a large amount of shade, outdoor seating and outdoor-outdoor lighting. The Angels have a north side about the size of a basketball court, which brings the fan to ground level and under the atmosphere of the game.

So, Arte Moreno, are you hearing from your broker?

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