The luxury shoemaker Valentino is being criticized by women across Europe — and beyond — for telling its staff to complete appointments based on a quota system, based on the percentages of women and men in the office. The size of the room in which the appointment is taking place is set at 15 percent to 25 percent less for the assistant, with only women appointed within 10 minutes allotted to that room. Women are then assigned to 25 percent of the offices, and assigned 1 percent for the head office and vice president positions.

The advertising industry is no stranger to such quotas, having adopted “comply or explain” — which requires advertised companies to explain why, after a two-week grace period, they failed to meet the advertising industry quota of 15 percent women, enforced through a regular review process. Despite the protests of critics, the industry has supported it, as mandated by the European Union’s directive on gender equality.

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