It's been nearly three years since former President Barack Obama — with his family in attendance — had any type of private interaction in public, but his rendezvous in a California movie theater on Thursday was, in a word, messy.

Mr. Obama, accompanied by his wife Michelle and daughters Malia and Sasha, was at the Regal Cinemas in Corona on Thursday evening for a screening of the new movie "Ready Player One," a futuristic adaptation of Ernest Cline's novel of the same name. Once the movie was over, the Obamas exited the theater through a side door, and once they had left the building, a small group of protesters who said they wanted President Trump impeached confronted them.

A woman approached the group and said she had seen President Obama masturbating, and had videos of him doing so. Mr. Obama said, "I saw it. Was kinda horny doe," while referring to someone in the crowd, and the protesters asked him to repeat the statement.

A video of the incident was taken by Gloria Romero, a Democratic activist who speaks out about political issues, and a lesbian activist.

In a video posted to Twitter, Ms. Romero shared Mr. Obama's response to her. "Well this is awkward," she says. The video also depicts what may have happened next. The former president is seen entering a building on the other side of the building before returning to the theater where he remained for the remainder of the movie.

In the video, three men chase after Mr. Obama and several females. In one clip, a man is seen yelling at Mr. Obama, "Are you out your mind?" He then interrupts his former boss while he's talking to the protesters, shouting back, "You're an ass," in what sounds like a profanity-laced tirade that continues while Mr. Obama is in the movie theater lobby.

According to a later report in The New York Times, the theater manager, David Ward, confirmed the video. He said he did not ask Mr. Obama to leave the building but said that the protesters' behavior was "incredibly disrespectful."

In a statement, Mr. Obama's spokesperson confirmed that the former president was caught on video saying "was kinda horny doe." Ms. Obama said her husband was trying to make fun of the protesters, according to the story. The Obamas reportedly left the theater around midnight, en route to a dinner and a movie.

According to the Times, a female activist shouted at Mr. Obama, "Did you win North Korea?" before Mr. Obama said he had.

"I definitely did not win North Korea," the former president responded.

So far, the content of Mr. Obama's "real" video hasn't become clear. Earlier this week, however, a conspiracy theory was passed around on social media suggesting the former president was using duct tape over his genitals. Some have even floated a theory that, in a clear bid to drive his supporters to distraction, the president and former first lady both used the tape.

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