More card issuers are offering a cashback credit card with this deal: “buy 10 and get 5%.” The catch is that you have to buy 10 products or services.

For four years now, a number of cards have offered 5% cashback, usually on certain categories such as gas and groceries.

But Visa and Capital One are the latest to join the party, announcing today that select new rewards credit cards have a system that rewards you for buying up to a set number of products or services. All you have to do is buy $10 worth of credit at a specific retailer or manufacturer every three months and you’ll get 5% cashback, even if you don’t spend the money.

Just as with other cashback credit cards, you don’t have to pay any interest if you can’t pay it off. To encourage people to keep a longer-term, higher debt limit, the penalties are as low as interest of 20% for late payments.

An alternative to seeing all of your purchases go directly toward consumer bills? Try another card with a lower interest rate. The 8% limit on this new type of cashback credit card is the highest for Visa, but Capital One has the highest allowed APR on cashback cards at 28.24%. Many of the cards require a $1,000 credit limit. You can buy the merchandise and put $3.56 on your credit card statement at first. Don’t be shy about asking for more if you realize you don’t need everything. Visa also warns that you might not be able to redeem the credit card rewards if you wait for cash, especially if you’re a seasoned cardholder with a limited credit line.

While Capital One does have a higher recommended limit, it also seems much more restrictive about what kind of purchases you can make. There are no pre-set categories, unlike other cards. There are only pre-set categories, which dictate “qualifying” retailers such as American Eagle and PetSmart. But you’ll have to use your own imagination about what qualifies for this value-added benefit. Here’s an example: I could only buy these items (at a dollar off):

• The $7.99 movie ticket at AMC Theaters

• The $4.99 dollar off house laundry detergent at Airgas

• The $4.99 Subway Sub

• The $13.99 price of the boneless chicken nuggets at T.G.I. Friday’s

• The $11.49 cans of Aquafina Drink

• The $4.49 bottle of wine at Trader Joe’s

• The $3.79 soda at Krispy Kreme

• The $5.99 Sketchers Skinny Flat Shoes

So, sorry, you won’t be getting 5% cashback for those box of Chips Ahoy cookies.