How Humans Value Work Differently: Subjective vs. Objective Comparing the qualitative and objective appraisal of personal and professional accomplishment based on self-report of success, status, and achievement can lead to misunderstandings of how humans value work. On one end of the spectrum, achievements are evaluated through primarily objective measurements such as test scores and outcomes, standardized evaluations, and organizations’ formal evaluations. Accordingly, accomplishments are often evaluated by leaders and others “as much as they can.” On the other end of the spectrum, achievements are typically evaluated based on subjective feedback, with a high degree of subjective consideration given to observations made by individuals who are relatively undirected in their evaluation of what works and what doesn’t. For example, will people recognize that a smile that was expressed in 140 characters on Twitter in February of 2010 will have the same meaning to them in their job six months later? Interpersonal design can influence people’s expectations and behaviours.