Budweiser, the global icon beer and the largest brew in the world, is in the midst of one of the most critical eras in its history. Since the launch of its 40-year partnership with Bud Light, Budweiser has been revitalized with 20 top global creatives. Now, they’re in the dark, using artificial intelligence to evolve the beer industry.

Budweiser and Bud Light are already going digital at a rate 20 times faster than their competition.

At the same time, Budweiser is committed to using artificial intelligence (AI) to transform the beer industry.

“The beer category is at a crossroads. It must evolve to remain relevant with today’s consumer, who increasingly prefers drinking experiences that inspire reflection, exploration and communication,” commented Andy Goeler, Vice President of Global Creative, with MDC Partners’ Mother Worldwide. “To do this, we need to embrace the power of AI.”

The Budweiser Creators Project Initiative, a BUD Family of Brands-supported AI hub powered by Mother Worldwide, aims to bring together the most important trends in technology to help beers and other consumer products develop new patterns in storytelling.

The creative team runs through an unprecedented pipeline of collaboration with Google, NYU, IBM Watson and other leaders in AI, augmented and virtual reality, to understand how human behavior and experience is changing to create new avenues for inspiration and innovation.

There are eight corporate goals the Creators Project Initiative seeks to achieve:

Bring the art of creative beer making to life by shaping a theme to capture the energy and passion of the brewing process

Scrub the Internet of Beer and see what others are putting out into the world of beer-on-the-go

Create a relentless social storytelling platform across e-commerce, digital, in-store and field marketing

Boost brand conversations through innovative versions of storytelling that are brand new

Expand distribution and tap new growth in existing and emerging markets

Use AI to make brewers smarter and explore new opportunities

Discover new ways to tell an engaging story. Just as Inception set new models for filmmaking and the dawn of the digital age brought a new level of animation, a brewer’s day to day can be a story that tells a story

Now the Creators Project is looking for U.S. entrepreneurs and creative geniuses in several industries to bring their creativity and spark to the project and create the next beer revolution. The winners will receive mentorship, training and experienced support and insight from leading AI and social media experts and award-winning creatives with work featuring an image, voice, tag, tagline or object from Budweiser’s brand.

Each two winners will pitch to the Budweiser Creators Project Advisory Council, which is comprised of key advisors including some of the most respected names in industry, such as CEO of Paramount Pictures Brad Grey and Chairman and CEO of Lionsgate Studio Jon Feltheimer. They will then be in the running to collaborate with some of Budweiser’s world famous creatives as part of the Creators Project.

The Creators Project is the brainchild of Budweiser’s worldwide creative team; the Creators Project is powered by Mother Worldwide.