Since Dr. Phil is always preaching body positivity and speaking about people who are struggling with how they look, you know how last night's episode was going to be a body positive journey.

After all, he wore a very long fat suit. Yes, he's accustomed to that, but you know, he's not the president of the United States.

But, actually, the light-hearted conversation about bodies actually carried a whole lot of weight...

The fact that in the midst of being seriously overweight he talked about baby genius Koriya and her education drove home the importance of motherhood and fertility.

He also emphasized what men in general have to do to look better for a woman, because he himself knows that every time he sits on the toilet and thinks "Oh man, maybe I should clean myself up" he is really thinking about his wife, Robin.

Somehow, people are trying to make a connection to Al Franken and the brand of medicine he practices.

But this is 100 percent not something that I did. It was just whatever he felt like wearing for the episode. Oh well.

- Nejma.

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Image Credit: Guilherme Salluche, Shocktillyoudrop/YouTube