From the coast of Istanbul, Turkey, an estimated 8,000 migrants are being moved by the Turkish military from illegal camps to other, more regulated ones. They will be screened and then either sent to some of the roughly 60 approved “humanitarian facilities” around the country or, if deemed eligible, lodged in Turkey’s asylum system. To critics in Turkey and the EU, these moves are being taken as a way to encourage more migrants to flee to Europe rather than be processed in Turkey. The following video excerpts, translated by Epoch Times, show the migrant exodus on a breathtaking scale.

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Turkey continues to play a significant role in rescuing and aiding migrants. In the last week alone, Turkey has accepted 23,000 people. But already this number is four times the number of those who arrived in Germany last year.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan made these comments on Thursday during a rally in Saudi Arabia, where he announced that Turkey would be providing humanitarian aid to Qatar.

With little mercy for those who refuse to go home, Erdogan also said that the conditions should be created for them to return home. It’s unclear when the countries who are hosting the thousands of people would be willing to return them, but the last resort could be a Libyan detention camp.