Augmented reality on mobile devices has been heralded as the next big thing for consumers. Through the use of graphics and video to augment real-world objects, AR allows users to view 3D objects over screens in a manner that makes them appear as holograms. It also provides the ability to virtually interact with objects in the real world, providing the potential for AR to remove physical barriers to access.

In auto retail, virtual sales experience increases real world traffic, reduces lead times and boosts conversion rates for buyers

To understand the potential of Augmented Reality in car retail, Peter Doran, Inc., put it this way: “AR offers a fully interactive, immersive and engaging digital retail experience in the physical environment,” said Peter Doran, Head of Sales for product and engineering, at Lab Mobile USA. “This experience can be used to motivate potential customers and provide relevant and meaningful information to sell additional or additional products, or to gain a better understanding of a customer’s specific needs and expectations as they shop for a car.”

Drivers and prospective buyers, who may be considering purchasing a car, are presented with a virtually interactive display to help them understand and understand features of a vehicle. This information is refreshed via the magic of augmented reality each time the user navigates the display, and is even updated to reflect product newness, as well as advertising campaigns and promotions. The technology can reduce lead times by almost 20% for the dealer and as much as 10% for the consumer.

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