Hello and welcome to our first step on the path to a new Daily Routine, The ClickHole’s Guide to Productivity. Our daily blend of entertaining features, news, humor and behind-the-scenes reporting from the most unique, fresh and entertaining look you’ll ever see in ClickHole.

Every day, we’ll take you to the intersection of the Outdoors and Downtime. What we bring you (before you click away) is a peek into the lives of those who are off duty but always fully aware of their surroundings. The places we travel, the times we visit, the personalities we meet are only possible through the unique view that we have at ClickHole, through the various smart devices that we wield at all times. We may even have a cell phone at our pen.

First and foremost, there’s an app for that. We’re still getting used to apps; it seems like every time we open a new app it makes us feel even more unconnected than usual. But then you have to unclutter your smartphone and go through the individual applications you’ve downloaded to see if there are any apps you haven’t used for a while. Some are really useful to actually do your job (remember Drafts!?); some aren’t all that useful, but well, none really increase your productivity, so you can let them remain. When that happens, it’s the equivalent of realizing you have another hour to do what you really need to do without having to wait for a piece of software to open.

So there you have it. Every day, we’ll be combining the two and offering you exactly what you need to access content from ClickHole, click and navigate around, tap photos, bookmark posts or even share posts on social media. So we promise that we’ll always take you to the place where you actually need to be: clicking. We promise that we’ll do it all with wit and irony. For many of you out there, that will be the last time you use one of those tools: once and for all, right here on ClickHole.

Here’s the entire template:

1. Get started, head to the Best of ClickHole.

2. Download the app! You’re welcome! (On iPhone, head to App Store.)

3. You are now armed with your clicky ability.

Let’s go! Enjoy your day. Enjoy ClickHole.