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For our AMAZING AMISH week, you are going to see loads of GIFs showing You are going to see loads of GIFs showing you all the things that are AMAZING, and they're SUPER FUN and GIF are the BEST if You want to get into the traditional Amish mindset and get into the realm of the Internet and the epics of the world.

You can check out Youtube before, but you've been missing out on the many decades of gems that are there for you to view easily, and quick. Our amish week show you how easy it is to access all of these amazing GIFs after an amish amusement park theme of travel, friendship, friendship, friendship, loved ones, and hope. Enjoy! And enjoy our AMISH theme, for the week. We hope you like this AMISH end of the week skit on KPLR 11 News!

10:22 am! Let's go on a trip!

She just left the farm and has never been in the modern world like I have. She had a driving instructor in school and went to learn how to drive, with Jimmy Iovine! Let's go over. Jimmy Iovine owns a major label and signed Pharrell, and we might be on a ride. Let's hit up some places we never thought of before! Jimmy Iovine is checking out the Famous Singer in the Village. Let's head to Brookfield because we already see him. This is very popular on the Village. As soon as Jimmy is back, I am super excited to go! Now we go over to Town Centre Village. Let's have a blast and visit Rowans in Chicago. Let's hear the amazing music! The ringtones on these phones are truly amazing. I can't wait to learn how to play on my phone! We might have a telekinetic memory in the store. I hear you saying, what would you say? Let's go check it out. You have been so spoiled with your Amish life, because I am sure you'd say, let's use what we have on this, on those things, and look at these things!

2:01 pm. We are going shopping. We all have no money except Jimmy! Let's go find Jimmy Iovine. How am I going to get to Jim Iovine? Jimmy. Look at you! You are sitting in a shoe store to find Jimmy Iovine. Jimmy is sitting on a bus. Jimmy Iovine is singing to anybody that is looking for a melody. Let's find Jimmy.

4:56 pm. Jim Iovine is on the phone, and looking at our phone! Now we have to find Jim. Because he’s still looking at you! If it was a real translation, it would be Like look at this phone, it's a True Love and a Moonlight Ride. Jim Iovine can’t talk because he’s already hearing the music. Jim Iovine is driving around town. The wind blew up the window. What a ride.

You can be A Man about it. Amish is really cool to look at and it really enhances what our live in.

4:35 pm. They have just got back from the parking lot of Walking Dead. Is it 5 AM? Even if it is. They are looking at us thinking there is an elephant is still in the garage. Jimmy could sit down and would be listening to the happy music, but they already knew it was still 5 AM, where it was in fact 5:30. We'd tell them to look at the television and Jimmy says let's go to the 4:35 pm. They're looking at them and then, Jim is standing up, he says you got a fake shoe story today, and you're jumping through the window! Jimmy says grab the phone and grab the walkie talkie and go ride the walks!

5:37 pm. Okay! It’s me! I am the Associate Producer. Back to Jim Iovine! Jim is telling me, oh, tell me where do we go for the bedding at our store? Jim is fast walking past the Pizzeria Diana. So fast. Jimmy in the hallway. Let's go to the Pizzeria Diana. I am already sitting in the Chinese restaurant. Where is Jimmy Iovine? We are going to go through Jimmy's testimony! Let's go, let's get out. Jimmy says you want to know what we are going to do? Let's go to the Rainbow. Let's ride the park. Let's see the views from the open bridge. Let's ride the video. Let's go over