With his announcement, Jeff Bezos’ personal contribution to solving global warming is more ambitious than any of the ex-Bay State executives, venture capitalists, or founders of tech companies who have already stepped forward and made huge donations. This announcement will mark a seismic shift in U.S. philanthropy and one that would significantly increase global efforts to solve the climate crisis.

His money could significantly change the scientific models that predict the very high odds of catastrophic global warming in the century ahead. It could help create a cleaner energy future that breaks through barriers, attracts funding from other investors, and ultimately puts the planet’s current crisis in historic perspective.

And it could touch off a cascade of changes to help people achieve the more modest goals he laid out. Some are easy, like creating a more transparent and sustainable distribution of wealth to alleviate income inequality; others are harder, like creating resilient economies and markets in developing countries.

Some argued that $10 billion is not enough, but it's one of the first steps to a revolution.