Make time for yourself, and others around you, daily. You’ll feel more rested, and enjoy the simple pleasures of life.

1. Eat several nutritious meals, such as breakfast and lunch, per day. A meal satisfies you for energy for the day and takes your mind off the day. For example, include lean protein at breakfast, healthy fats in the afternoon and a variety of fruits and vegetables in the evening.

2. Be mindful of the time that you have to get everything done. If you find yourself checking your phone in the middle of your day, or wasting time answering emails, schedule some downtime where you don’t have distractions. Take a walk. Speak to a loved one or a trusted friend. Go for a swim in the afternoon. Then unplug and return to your tasks.

3. Take a daily meditation break for a few minutes.

4. Distract yourself regularly with family. Play with your children, or spend time with a furry friend. Play games with a friend. Go grocery shopping and make plans with friends.

5. Find a location away from technology. Get outside to get outside. Walk into the middle of a city street, or go into the woods and let yourself “drift off.”

6. Make time for personal hygiene.

7. No distractions around the home. Be quiet, and enjoy nature.

8. Be consistent. Resist the urge to “cram” today.

9. Limit your screen time. Consume as little digital time as possible. (Power down your digital devices an hour before bed.)

10. Avoid juggling multiple responsibilities at once. Eliminate what you cannot handle.

11. Turn off your electronic devices at the end of the day. If you have to use your cell phone while sleeping, turn it off before you go to bed. Take time to read, or exercise.

12. Bring your own lunch from home. The food is healthy, and the meal prepares you for the following day.

13. Maintain your health. Your heath improves as you learn to control stress.

14. No more instant gratification. Invest in the quality of your possessions.

15. Spend time with friends. In return, they’ll give you time and attention.

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