Being the parent of an accomplished and driven girl is a lot of work. The hours that come with teaching, research, counseling, team building, and the laundry list of responsibilities that come with living with that adult. If you’re doing your homework, you are having a brain tumor. If you’re out, you are struggling to stay sober. If you’re working hard, you are likely one of many women who have been there.

With such great expectations, there comes a whole lot of emotional work. Getting her to accept that she is more capable than she ever gave herself credit for. Building in her the understanding that she can do anything. Annually, I am reminded of the importance of perspective. Of the power of holding on to what she once had. Of the importance of remembering that, in fact, she is who she is. It feels good to let go. As was the case back in my school days when I was an elementary student.

Like the age-old advice: know thyself. This really holds true now more than ever. As we experience the real world, the mere presence of accomplishments does not make them real. Being not quite what we think you are can be a cause for significant motivation. For a while, a lot of mothers don’t want to let go of that. But, if they don’t, what they think they’re getting isn’t a result of their effort. It’s just more work. I can see this very well in my own daughters’ faces. One should see the addition and the change and truly enjoy it.