This one is specifically for single women who are working mothers, or freelancers or students. You are the truest friend you can be to your children.

What to Bring

A calendar

It’s not enough to just show up to do your children their homework, or spend an afternoon with them, but you also need to follow through on that commitment. Starting with the time you are sending that first or second check, set a time to call or text them, to send them a message, to get a new homework assignment to them. Never miss a call or text to a child or a young friend. Don’t just walk into a child’s room; you need to have an idea of what your child needs and what their well-being is at that moment.

A coffee mug

Sure, your cup of java is just as important as the play dates you go to and your school recesses, but without it, the cup is empty. Coffee grounds and second crackers and peanut butter and jelly can fill you up like a recharged battery for that after-school homework. But if you have kids who prefer Monster energy drinks to good ole Mommy Time, this is the cup for you. It’s my grandmother’s cup, and it’s got a magnetic head that doesn’t make you leave more, but it also keeps things together.