Working from home? There are a few tools that make virtual happy hours a win-win for work and home. I posted the following guide on LinkedIn about them:

Never Fear Anyone

Never feel like you’re the only person working from home. Even if your workday starts at 9 a.m., you can still find activities to enjoy in your own personal time. In addition to participating in happy hour as a way to escape, other options include socializing with your friends, hiking on your hobby or sport (you have a bike, if you don’t), yoga, fresh air, barbecuing and having a dinner party with your relatives or friends.

Networking is Not Just Social

Of course there are professionals who would rather not “network” – be that face-to-face, email-to-email or other means. Sure, there is value in meeting and greeting new individuals with shared ideas and experiences. Some friendships can even strengthen over time. Don’t let social networking that way. Learn to “network the other way.” Meeting those new people who are closer to your workplace than you are on a night out, can help build relationships and strengthen work/life balance.

Reminisce About A Good Day

Time (both physical and mental) is precious and you must take advantage of it to savor the small pleasures in life. Small family events, even ones you may not attend every day, are a great way to share your day with your family (or friends). Whether it’s a play date, lunch or a walk, remember that there is value in anything that distracts you from your work. Even a little scolding from your spouse or kids will get your endorphins going, and fuel you for the hard days.

Who Is Going To Come Over?

Outdoor projects and adventures, nature walks, soccer games or watching wildlife documentaries. When possible, plan events for others outside your workplace, as you’ll have a healthier environment in which to come together.