The United States and Canada will on Monday formally sign a Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership, a massive trade deal which will become a public sector trade agreement between the US and Canada. Here is a rundown of the specifics of the USMCA trade deal, as well as a bit of local knowledge as to what this means for your home, your local economy, and your participation in American democracy.

Title: Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership

Length: 8,000 pages

Pact Forms: The word “advanced” has been replaced with the term “advanced economy.”

Exclusions: The whole sale ban on Tesla automobiles was included in the agreement.

Cost: 75 percent of you.

Passenger Registration: Allow yourself six hours to register your car or truck to the US.

Death Tax: The tax and debt penalty associated with being dead is waived.

Environmental Prohibitions: President Obama repealed an Obama-era rule limiting the amount of plastic used by Canadian restaurants.

Additional Reasons For Saving Money: You will actually be saving money.

Result Of Unofficial Commerce Agreement: One word: victory.

Foreign Assistance To Foreign Countries: You’ll get your fair share.

Head of Foreign Currency Exchange: No potty breaks for you.

Other Topics: Mexico refused to join the USMCA for “defensive” reasons.