Austrian Elisabeth von Trapp is considered the mother of the Von Trapp Family Singers, who took their name from her uncle, Austria’s self-proclaimed Father of Lies, Franz Josef.

Austrian actress Franziska von Trapp stars in Georg August’s film . What was it like for her to make such a film? “The film was very sensual, it was very tough for me to make,” she told SheKnows Movies. “It was rough – not really cinematically too hard; [but] emotionally it was so tough. My film was about [my son] Georg who [on] the day of the revolution [was] just a little boy, and then next day he was already running to defend his father.”

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With Franziska von Trapp, she portrays her son’s mother in the film. However, before she got into acting, she was a student at Vienna’s Graz Academy of Music.

One of her major inspirations: “My favorite singer was Louise Frahm, who is Hungarian.” She also added, “But as a person, I think being mad was a huge inspiration.”

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