Modern Love talks to actor Ali Fazal — he’s Bollywood’s newest heartthrob, the man who took over from Ranbir Kapoor as the favorite thespian of the world’s 21st century moms — to hear the novelistship he has invested in a book he describes as “my father’s book.” But while it is written for the dad in all of us, it’s also one of the most useful books I’ve ever read. (I’ve read very few books on journalism that advise you to limit your writing practice to only one-hour periods a day.)

Fazal has created a friendship with an epistolary novel that’s equal parts wise and witty. He’s written thoughtful analysis of the central characters and their relationships in a journal format, and every chapter yields a different response. And the quality, something that has been missing from reading about craft so many times, remains for some one of the year’s best single books.

And so listen to this episode of Modern Love, and then order a copy of When Your Greatest Romance Is a Friendship.