Last night, the pro-Pete Buttigieg Twitter account was discovered to be fake.

Who is , a brief spurt of activity from late January? This goes without saying. It’s who Pete Buttigieg is.

The Twitter account portrayed a young-looking, college-educated, liberal-leaning Democratic senator from South Carolina, Pete Buttigieg, as a vigorous advocate for everyday voters and an apparent threat to Hillary Clinton’s presidential ambitions in 2016.

As of today, it's been deleted.

But who is Pete Buttigieg anyway?

“The Black Nerd,” according to the Twitter bio, without any further explanation.

“The Black Nerd” describes himself as “living in my truck with a knife” in Red Bank, N.J.

In Philadelphia, his hometown, he goes by on social media.

Like the Pete Buttigieg Twitter profile, the account never addressed anything—activist, congressman, draft candidate, or president—but always interacted with others. The account has an astrological sign, known as sigils, or the symbols indicative of a human identity, like the moon and the sun.

In 2018, the account’s messages led to nugget-like historical facts like “Almost 30% of Adam Lanza’s victims were girls,” “1942: If Franklin D. Roosevelt was a PhD, he’d be teaching at Harvard,” and, most notably, “FDR spent 800 days watching newsreels of his ranch and vacationing at Disneyland.”

“Buttigieg” appeared to be making a play at Rep. Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii, who was widely quoted on Twitter calling on “black gerbils” to vote for Buttigieg. On Sunday, the Representative, a member of the Democratic caucus, posted on Twitter about whether Buttigieg would make a great president: “Really? Pete Buttigieg?” she wrote. “Another Hyun­Il Kim.”

It’s unclear if “Buttigieg” is related to the Pete Buttigieg campaign, which has announced that it will launch an exploratory committee to begin preparations for a presidential run.

Despite “Pete”’s promises of dinner at Busy Beast, a local speakeasy, and the blessing of Underground Books, a bookstore in Red Bank, the real Pete Buttigieg is 33 years old and married to the cancer nurse he met at Princeton University, Laurel Buttigieg. “He used to be in a band that went under the name The Mallet Brothers,” his wife tweeted today. “Fun name.”

The Pete Buttigieg Twitter account may have connected to some outsiders out to identify the Pete Buttigieg campaign.

Credo, a radical online activism community, published a Twitter petition Sunday, arguing that Buttigieg should run for president.

“South Carolina needs Pete Buttigieg,” it read. “He is by far our state’s most promising leader for the next generation. Pete is a patriot and a natural leader.”

And a message tweeted Monday to on his account named him “a brilliant young man who should run for President.”