Elaine Wyles and Julie Lake of Bellevue Bicycle, also known as Just Like Indoor Cycling, make regular trips around the nation pushing for better cycling infrastructure. They are traveling from city to city with their brightly colored bike racks for people to charge their electric bikes. They host spinning classes throughout the city. In New York, they are working with nonprofit Run New York and are celebrating the second anniversary of their New York cycling school with special rides in May.

What a cyclist needs to buy is an electric power assist bike to ride that little bit faster, more sustainably and enjoyably. Here are their top five picks, whether on the road or in the park:

1. Kitesurf – A bike that allows you to ride while you're surfing—which the team calls the “lesser-known sport of biking”—Kitesurf bikes range from street-legal hill-bike bikes to dirt-bike bikes with powerful electric drivetrain power that augments your wind power, allowing you to breeze through the water with only a few pounds of body weight. They are often made from sturdy carbon and lightweight ceramic, and cost between $2,000 and $6,000 depending on the model, what bikes and components you choose and other unique features like built-in or external basket storage. Available in many colors and sizes, their bright, bright colors make it a great summer bike. Prices include accessories.

2. Hammer – A bike that combines the performance and comfort of pedal power with pedal assist while you ride, making it great for pacer workouts, restorative cycling or to get around on longer routes. This bike is designed to be lightweight, strong, versatile and adjustable to increase its boost while riding and increasing its ride time. Hammer bike is available in the same colors as their Kitesurf and feature storage mats for belongings. Hammer bikes is an ultimate investment that offers much more flexibility than going an entire distance on your own. Prices start at around $10,000.

3. EVO Signature – A super smart bike equipped with lights, electronic power assist, rear brake lights, an integrated GPS tracker, LED turn signals, a high-performing video and audio camera, an eco bag for everything you might need—cruisers, mountain bikes, and sidewalk bikes, on and off the road. EVO bikes are fitted with either a parking basket for capturing long distances or when you hop on a bike for bike-to-bike travel. Electric power assist and electronic power steering are either standard or optional, and the 36-volt lithium-ion battery is a removable, modular unit, to be replaced or swapped for another battery when needed. Prices start at around $1,750.

4. Uskoka Bike Case – Easily attach the rear locking bars of your bike to your smartphone or tablet using a heavy-duty electric cable; and attach an extension cable to extend the handlebar mount range. Uskoka bags are made from 100 percent American-made electric disc hard-shell bike bags made with all American fabric (rich nylon) and handmade each day in a NYC factory. Uskoka bags offer tight sizing, high visibility and durable construction, and are available in a variety of colors, such as Pure, Pumice, Brown Spot, Andes, Logs, Ice, Birch, Night Sky, Plum, Tigress, Grey and Graphite. Prices start at around $120.

5. B-Bag – B-Bags, are lightweight full-carbon composite cycling bags made from recycled plastic, that can be either boxed or packed into an inner jacket. These bags can accommodate a full-size bike bag, but can be scaled down to fit into a backpack for sub-20 mile ride. The design is flexible enough to twist in several different positions to fit bikes, rolling luggage and utility

stationary. Prices start at around $80.

Whether on the road or in the park, on foot or a bike, a bike is the best way to get around, save energy and keep weight off.