In a week of dwindling promotional space, our colleagues at metro are trying to sell out some of it with a series of ‘Why are you so excited?’ mini-feature ads.

This week’s is for the new zippy Galaxy S9 and S9+ smartphone, which will cost you £826.95, including a top of the range 64GB phone.

Nothing gets excited about your phone as quickly as the jillionth photo of you eating lunch topless from a while bridge.

Though the ad does make its point by pointing out that the S9+’s dual camera helps make this and every other selfie possible.

There’s also this non-sequitur in the wake of some of the most important moments of your life, maybe.

With just 300-400 words per offer, we’d argue that this one isn’t terribly good. But it’s certainly short.

Just to recap, a Samsung Galaxy S9 with 4GB of RAM and 128GB of storage costs a whopping £826.95. In this advert you get to watch our very special 3-second marketing message.

It’s just under 50 seconds long. That’s three seconds less than the internet has yet to sell itself on.

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