By now, many people have heard of the, “Russian hacking” of the 2016 election. Many have heard about the gigantic list of DNC servers that Russian agents stole during that same election. They have seen the news stories reporting that while the hacks were broadly believed to have been conducted by Russian agents, there was no proof that Russia had tried to interfere in the American election process. They have seen the barrage of articles reporting that Russia’s effort to infiltrate American political and government networks had succeeded in damaging the Democratic Party’s efforts to fight a massive, computer hack of Democratic party records and voter rolls during that election season.

What most people may not know is the person who pulled the plug on these stories. It was not a news reporter, nor a Congressional official. It was a one-time military intelligence officer—who wanted to protect his country, his friends, and his own privacy. This American is haunted by the paranoia, paranoia, and fear he felt during those times, fearing that “Russia was in the dark with me.” He feared that he would be identified in both social media networks and in the cyber space, and was afraid that he would be contacted in many different ways by members of the media and government who just wanted to interview him. While many media outlets and government officials have insisted that Russia’s involvement in the American election was thoroughly investigated, this Veterans has made it his mission to educate other veterans that never before did they hear of election interference, before the 2016 election.