If there are special no wins in economic success — i.e., get to the next step faster — the feedback loop automatically shuts it down and discovers ways to get there.

It’s like the loop in the ice cream truck. The chocolate popsicle sticks in your mouth on the way to the basket and dribbles out when you get back. An inconsistent experience – one that falls out after about three minutes – and the feedback loop finally shuts it down.

Social media and other forms of artificial feedback loop media markets are similarly self-regulating, which explains why they need constant tracking to maintain and double-check their feedback loops.

This information and monitors have become so ubiquitous in social media that media CEOs are now subsidizing research centers for behavioral science researchers to figure out why so many people think they can sell their minds to get rich (i.e., plug into positive feedback loops).

We have examined the impact of the Internet on business over the last year or so, and here are a few more ways the Internet affects how CEOs deal with the feedback loop: