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You don’t hear much about a relationship between two people because in many ways, it’s a struggle, no matter how obvious or obvious it’s supposed to be.

Hetero? Existing alone? Gay? Into something? Fiancé? Catfish? You could probably come up with a thousand reasons, but the joy of this list is it’s not really about the real reasons why. It’s not even about this one or that one.

You’re here to see why every one of those should be couples goals. In no particular order.

1. Being called by the name you chose instead of his/her.


Annoying as this is for both parties, it’s clearly one of those things you have to deal with in a relationship. But it was also a source of a lot of joy for people – the fact that you chose the name yourself instead of calling him/her by the name he/she had actually named their kid. Whether you choose to have it called Teddybear, Teddy Bear, Ted or Barney the Old White Bear, not having a brother or sister to call is something you should be able to find joy in.

2. Being invited by the winner.

Tenacious D

Tell him/her – if they can’t give you it first (which happens quite often) – that they’ll win it for you. Until you make your own club, if that’s your thing.

3. Buying things for her/him.


Giving each other some pride? Sure, but it’s nice for both you and he/she to do something nice for the other person.

4. Seeing “A Wonderful World” on repeat.

Acts of Faith

It’s a tune – well, duh – and although they’re sung in two foreign languages (and one’s not even in English), somehow having to keep hearing it again and again is still a delight.

5. Seeing the reflection of the love of your life right in front of you.


In the mirror. You see what you need to see.

Okay, every one of those reasons is a hard love to get into a relationship, but if it means nothing then find somebody who’s worth it. A wonderful world awaits you.

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