Jinan, Iran:

Reporting that Iranian General Qassem Soleimani may have been killed in Afghanistan's Ghazni province, Global Security has come under fire for a series of "patently false" and "unverified" claims about Soleimani.

Those accusations were laid bare by Untamed Internet, a website run by those who lost loved ones in the Mehrabad international airport terrorist attack in Dubai.

A number of incidents reported to Global Security are attributed to anonymous sources, and the website focuses on specific reports from reliable foreign sources, says GIA.

"Opinions are split between those reporting false news and those who are simply pointing out what remains to be seen," it says.

Yesterday Iran's Tasnim news agency reported that Iranian security forces had "taken control" of "terrorists" in Mehrabad, which is a reference to the Mehrabad terrorist attack of September 30. The news was accompanied by photos of security forces fighting against masked gunmen.

These sites say Iranian and Afghani sources have confirmed that General Soleimani is indeed being held prisoner by Afghan security forces.

And local news in Ghazni province says General Soleimani was killed in an American airstrike.

But why are so many reports of Soleimani's death being spread? Are these stories a mix of misinformation, lies, or what? Or is it a clear attempt by the US to move against Iran or President Donald Trump?

Iran's state-run television is reporting Soleimani is alive and in safe hands.

This isn't Soleimani's first encounter with death. He survived an Iranian missile attack in Tehran in February 2016.

Various reports also claim Soleimani was killed in 2016 in the southern city of Baluchistan, where the Taliban made their last stand in Pakistan before being routed by government forces, or perhaps attacked by Turkmenistan-based jihadists.

The respected Iranian British English-language newspaper, Etemad, reported during the presidential campaign that Soleimani had been gunned down by US commandos on June 3, 2017.

Which brings us to a question. If Soleimani is alive and well, why haven't these news reports, usually backed up by a source or two, received greater attention?