Even among The Times’ editorial board, there were debates about the need for basic changes in how the newspaper covers immigration, particularly the ever-rising number of young immigrants — known as “Dreamers” — who come from Mexico and other Latin American countries. The current system of lumping these categories together leaves the public with a confusing picture, and to the suspicions of some editorial board members, omits human stories.

In keeping with those concerns, the board has urged The Times to consider more writing in Spanish as part of a new expanded effort to reflect the increasing diversity of the United States. In recent months, there have been occasions in which The Times has published such an effort: on immigration, the City University of New York’s Graduate School of Journalism

The board’s decision to recommend such a move comes with great deliberation and debate. Discussions continued this week as The Times prepared to unveil its new, long-awaited immigration coverage, a project that has been under development for more than four years. Several Times journalists have been involved with the project, and it has been endorsed in part by the Pulitzer Prize Board.