The entire world will be confused with Finn 'J.J.' Abrams this weekend as the director/producer of Star Wars: The Last Jedi shared news that Poe Dameron and Finn will be bisexual and the two characters will be "really good friends" in the upcoming episode.

However, according to BuzzFeed's Antony Brown, it's a potential non-factor that fans will be focused on after the season two premiere airs on Sunday.

While there's no picture of the two kissing at the moment and anything more will probably be revealed in the future, both of them have very different bond aesthetics, which is what allows them to share the screen.

In the Instagram teaser image shared by the director on Thursday, we see him touching Finn's back and asking: "Why would I do that?"

This is while, Finn and Poe are fighting on Starkiller Base for the Resistance while spying on the First Order.

You might be wondering, "Why?" Not only are Finn and Poe both known for their close military alliances, but there's no same-sex attraction in Star Wars. Everyone always debates "Will Finn be happy?" and "Will Leia be happy?" but why should it matter if Poe is gay?

It all all started with Gary Whitta after a fan asked him about the discrepancy in what happens to some characters in Star Wars and the classic trilogy.

"Neither Finn nor Poe are necessarily focused on being in a romantic relationship, but they have many interesting friendships along the way."

This happened two years ago, so what's new?

Instead of focusing on Finn and Poe being gay in the new saga, fans should be focused on the dating issue, but Lucasfilm/Disney won't be accepting the rest of them for what they are.

For example, fans of the character Elliot could also be confused because he ends up with another girl in The Last Jedi. The fan doesn't even find out about it until halfway through the movie, which is, well, a shock. And, some fans are worried there will be many more questions that will remain unanswered after the show.

We're glad to see more characters in the new universe coming out as gay and queer and embracing their identity. But on a bigger level, the decision should also not have anything to do with the good nature of the characters.

As for the show, it's time to focus on the question of the more gay and lesbian characters in the series (like Elliot) instead of the developments in the new movies.

Check out the new trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi below and be sure to watch the season two premiere tonight, Sunday, January 14, on Disney XD!