Could you say or do difficult things without any difficulty?

As a child you tend to do your assigned task first, then wait to explain to someone how you got there. The first person gets to wonder what you’re talking about. That’s much easier than having to explain the method you followed to the answer you were seeking.

Where does that leave us as adults? “Difficult” is a word used for many things, but none we have to explain to you. I have had more people tell me they can say or do things they wouldn’t dare in front of a trusted family member or work friend than those that they can’t do things.

If I had to describe something new I see most frequently I would say people are more confident with their explanations than we might initially expect. After all, that confidence will translate to their ability to get by just fine and not stammer.

We all should have an open mind about challenges. The more we allow it to unclog, the more our brains work at it, the better the progress we’ll make. Along the way, we’ll get a better idea of why we’re stuck, and improve our ability to handle common situations.

Making things easier for yourself is only good for you. It opens you up to a better world of opportunity and expands your possibilities.