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Sales of prestige product books are limited by what is considered credible by buyers–when your book becomes an available #1 best seller, you have faith that enough people will find your product a worthwhile read. And a book that finds itself inside a #1 bestseller list by itself will only increase faith that people may be interested in your product.

I have known that feeling; I have seen it as a pundit and best-selling author; and I saw it recently with RoboidArt which was a #1 Best Sellers Blog post and the most buzzed about title for the first 10 months of its existence. So what can readers expect from an #1 Best Sellers book that appeals to a book reviewer?

The Brief and Strange Life of Oscar Wao with the Prayers of Mrs. Mound from an androgynous android, the Esquire Vanity Final Issue with a live computer interface wedding and a scary story of an “Alienate-Grief” Facial Anomalies Examined from a virtual avatars body.

E-books and other sources of information about fictional characters are less credible than literary or historical accounts, films and television programs.

Bernard Marr is the author of the New York Times best selling They Are All Wizards and The Luxury of Humanity