"Cheat to Win" addresses how to make positive social feedback relevant and effective—a central challenge in engineering organizations to create a culture of positive, scalable change. This book also offers best practices for innovating your people to produce positive change, taking what works best from many successful companies to work with you.

Understanding the Environment that Breeds Ambition is essential to producing aspiring, inspired people. However, ambivalence may be at the heart of innovation. For people, innovative breakthroughs are not driven by a solid purpose or purpose statement. They are performed by passionate people, motivated by needs, and not by “things”, but by feel-good emotions. You can develop your people by changing the environmental conditions that nurture their motivation and the motivation of others.

This book uses 60 case studies from a wide range of industries and government agencies to illustrate how to effectively address the external conditions that encourage your innovators to innovate. You’ll learn how to create a “happy work environment,” how to protect individuals and companies from self-destructive behavior, and how to measure and improve creativity.

If your goal is to develop a culture of innovation that can create impact in your organization, then this book is one of the most essential resources available.