Who’s got time for that? Cards Against Humanity, the online game so basic it can be played by anyone without a password, is rolling out on March 15 a new free game. This time you’ll be able to jump in at any point, and play it any time.

It’s called Clickhole, and is a 24-hour Internet hangout complete with silly games. “In less than two weeks, people all over the world will be able to start playing clickhole with friends,” said online co-founder Brian Stanford in a press release. He also said it would include the original website plus a new homepage, including an expansion with the clickhole name and logo, and a full redesign of the website itself.

This is not the first time the ridiculous online game has branched out and taken off. Over the years, the creators have made the web rounds as they created what is often described as an “everyone game.” You can even buy the game for $20.

If you’re concerned about the schtick, then I suggest you check out All the World’s a Game, created by Sandblasted, for yourself. You get the same frivolity for $10, plus other silly stuff. But with his or her wallet feeling a little lighter, take a look at 9 real games in similar mainstream niches – all for less than $10.

So, long in the tooth for this vintage of a game, maybe you’d like to see if the new clickhole could make a much different impression. Maybe it’s a better idea to check out what Cards Against Humanity has done with a line of products over the past several years.

They even made the physical products, especially gift boxes, and got people to jump in – but no cookies.

It was the line of donut boxes, given away at MAGA events, that caused a major stink a few years ago. People actually debated on the internet whether the chocolate or the donut they were considering was a sexual act.

Today, they have a series of enticing healthy snack and beverage lines that may help keep you awake through the long weekend. One called the Protein Berry Bowl can help you boost your serotonin levels after a depressing morning of work, while the Cucumber Monster is a snack for the senses, helping relax your ears with its mayonnaise-based crunchiness. Other drinks include alcohol-free Jack it up Jack Daniels, full of herbs and fruit in fruit bombs and mini fruit aerobics.

Oh, and could it just be my imagination that Apple’s new line of iOS devices are kind of funny as well?

Raspberry Tart Tart Cookies are inspired by a tasty pie at Disney. You’ll find lots of strange new use-cases for the iPad. Also read more at ESPN-Check-Out.

Here’s the full press release from the Playable Media Gaming site: