What is this election’s version of Facebook trolling? It’s called “Fake News Explosion.”

On Monday, an Instagram account claiming to be linked to Fake News Explosion jumped to prominence with a 60-second video promoting Aamir Khan’s movie Dangal. Despite receiving more than 300,000 likes, comments and shares, the account’s creator — who goes by the handle Mila Allen — quickly created a viral hit instead.

In its entirety, the video features a picture of Aamir Khan and images from his film, illustrating his humility and acceptance of his own fame. “Do you think I am good for you?” Khan’s character asks the young girl he is portraying in the movie. “Do you like your Queen?”

“She knows you’re so famous,” the school girl responds. “But she feels all those people — her people — really like her.”

That comment sparked a clever comment-response on the Instagram account. “Aw man, you really must know that if you cast me, you’re gonna be the only Queen every royal family gets,” comments the account’s user — who goes by . “But why did you have to get greedy and cast another girl?”

Khan’s face was, once again, mockingly filtered as a “fake.”

“It’s what’s on his face he want?” says the user, presumably referring to the unnamed “Queen.”

The thread went on: “You’re so easy and adorable in that movie … make sure you set records this year.”

“I’ll tell you why I’m taking the prince and all his castles on a holiday: “Why not for my wedding day?” — The Princess of Mars.

The video has amassed nearly 10 million views so far, despite being widely debunked.

Its creator, Mila Allen, has shared posts about Trump and Chicago. But the popularity she has achieved has, inexplicably, led to a PR problem.

In a since-deleted tweet, her Twitter account stated: “Maybe I should stop posting, and hide [sic] myself till 2019.” Allen has deleted numerous other tweets since then.

And she came under further criticism after posting about the autopsy on the New York City Police Department’s officer Liu in 2018.

“My heart breaks for the family of Wenjian Liu,” her initial tweet stated.

The death of Liu — a 37-year-old husband and father of two — took place last year when a gunman opened fire on two police officers in The Bronx. The officers attempted to confront the shooter and suffered gunshot wounds in the process. Liu was killed in the shooting.

“I just wanted to spread that hate against [sic] the NYPD,” said Allen, explaining that she uploaded the tweet to fight “all the negativity” she believes is coming from the department.

UPDATE: “It was someone from my familiy who told me about it,” Allen, who says she no longer posts on Twitter, told BuzzFeed News.

Then, this:

Here’s the original meme shared by and . Also, the caption of this video caused quite a stir.

Below, you can see people making fun of the post:

The thread “Made his daughter cry”

The replies to the woman with the faux royalty quote