A female doctor had a surprise waiting for her when she completed a 10-minute pelvic exam on a mentally ill patient at a state psychiatric hospital.

The Washington Post reported that the patient, referred to only as “Vicki,” had long maintained that she did not want to be examined — and was concerned about the sterile experience.

But, when the physician performed the exam on her recently adopted 8-year-old adopted son and found evidence of his Down syndrome, she decided to continue.

“At this point, at the beginning of the exam, it was not a big deal,” the doctor told the Washington Post. “I was more concerned about not damaging his baby boy. I was shocked when the outcome came back.”

In the chart, it was apparent that Vicki didn’t want to be touched:

“Vicki stated that ‘I am not interested in having a pelvic exam,'” the doctor wrote. “I apologized to her and I took the pill and told her the results of the two tests she did last week would be discussed over the telephone with the care team.”

After a second appointment, “Vicki stated that she had not given me any reason for my refusal. She said that she had never felt so wonderful after an examination.”

When asked why she didn’t want to be examined, she responded, “I didn’t want to get an abnormal finding, that would get us in a lot of trouble. I live in a very strict neighborhood with strict laws and rules.”

“You don’t think that during this whole conversation I was having with myself, in my head, about, ‘God, it’s the same thing, twice. That sounds so barbaric,’ ” she added.

A later follow-up exam, however, showed that there was, in fact, a “flat outline” of a sexual organ. The doctor realized that Vicki “was trying to hide the fact that this thing was there.”

In a follow-up, the physician wrote, “The multiple states and states of exams was not convincing as a perfectly proper physical exam. I tried to help her understand that, ‘No, you didn’t have to have this and you never did.’ ”

But it was too late, and Vicki’s daughter was soon at her new father’s home in a Tacoma suburb.

Read the full story at The Washington Post.


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