The Block of Los Angeles was stopped after a young unknown couple were seen sprinting across Wilshire Boulevard in a desperate attempt to commit suicide by running a red light.

The Bridegroom– who they were rushing out of the car at the time– was heard yelling "stop".

Screams were heard from the onlookers and a young woman who had a flash of insight made herself heard by yelling back "but he is just filming" while the couple was trotting across the side of the road and getting closer and closer to traffic as they started to run into the very street they were attempting to take out.

The screech of the car that had swerved out of the street as they were passing is audible on the audio clip after the couple had gone to their death in a daze that was filled with "guns, knives, swords…I don't want to say anything and I don't want to say anything…I don't want to be associated with this…there is a dead woman on my left…I am glad my girlfriend is not dead. I think this is a mistake"

The Daily Heat is saddened to report this article as it was this kind of senseless behavior that helped raise the profile of Gloating Glenn Close to her current level.

Glenn Close is heading down this road again to ensure herself a place on the Hollywood Star List as she made The Beatles.