Now that she’s a parent and her baby has her own sweaters, however, Charlotte does have her haters. Recently, she was mercilessly mocked on social media by self-proclaimed beauty queen Leila Nsimbe who claimed that the new momma looked nothing like her after she gave birth and posted a photo of the mother-daughter.

“Bizarrely, the audience liked it,” Nsimbe told The Standard newspaper in Ghana. “I am surprised. I don’t think people have taken the time to really evaluate her before they just make comments.” Nsimbe even added, “She looks old. I believe a baby is supposed to be like its mom, so it should look so much like her.”

Nsimbe even admits that she feels bad for judging on superficial grounds because she doesn’t have first-hand knowledge of Charlotte’s motherhood. She simply likes to see another mother succeed.

Charlotte has since fired back, taking to Instagram to claim that she and Mufu don’t have a “close enough” relationship to “be mentioned by our name.” She also posted a picture of the two of them together, with the caption, “This picture is actually a good enough reminder on what it means to be gracious, patient, laugh at jokes, have fun, forgiving and be have a good person with a gentle heart that’s unselfish and has compassion for others.

What’s next? A baby Sherlock Holmes or Plimpton? Is their blackface era far behind them?