It seems the unnamed 43-year-old French woman trying to decide if and when to introduce her new guy to her Facebook friends has decided she’s making progress.

She’s managed to slip a pic of him in a blue and white polo shirt, a tattoo and some blue suede boots onto her “About Me” section of her profile.

It’s all in what feels like a slow build-up so her friends can see her progressing as a person.

Honestly, we’re a little surprised she didn’t add a snap of her two cats before she put his picture up on there. We might have encouraged her to post a pic of them to show her friends they’re real, umm, cringeworthy.

Just so there’s no misunderstanding, we can all clearly see she’s toying with her friends and they don’t like it.

First of all, they’re only friends with her on Facebook, but what we can’t get over is that if she were interested in her new guy they wouldn’t need any frills in order to show it on her page, right?

To see their reaction just scroll down this next link. We recommend you do your best to ignore that bit in the middle where they come to form a human do-rag and beat you with it.

However, we’re sure they’re a lot less threatening than her dominatrix like choices.

Either way, we’re glad she’s finally getting there. She’s only too happy to get back to cracking jokes about the boyfriend with her pals.

We’re sure he’s thinking the same thing, just like the Reddit posters who pointed out that all of this was a very real problem. That we have not solved yet.

Original article by Marie Mendola, from Cling2Share

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