The other, some politicians, have a different way to dictate outcomes.

People who go out and buy cars and accidents happen really should not drive the cars on the roads. Everybody should get a computerized tax ID card and everyone should have to go through a very rigorous process to be driving one of those computers around, which would obviously take care of those kinds of anomalies. You would, for example, check the computer’s information about the make and model of the car you’re driving, it would send out a notice, to your home address, of your driving record that night. It would notify you to stop driving on those nights and when you stop driving at that time you lose that right to drive. And then it would sort of trip you up. If you stop driving on those nights on those days for any reason, as long as you would go back into a line of a certain number of people who would see that interruption of your driving rights and try to get back in line and keep driving, so you would be some two or three hours behind each others in the line. But you’d be within the line of least inconvenience so you would be able to do your business as usual. It’s a horrible system.

The policy would keep you driving if it would help you with transportation, if you would like to take a break from that stressful job you’re having or from buying the apartment you’re not in, and actually would be an emotional and mental trauma reliever for you. It would also help many politicians, because they are only given the driving job because they are sitting shotgun. And although politicians have the right to a cab to get to their campaign work, which drives up the cost of the tax I have to collect from them, we do not have the luxury to put them in an underground car. They are the only ones sitting shotgun on the road and they are supposed to be reimbursed for that, so they are able to ride the tax part of the system.

It’s a problem of who we know, and who we’re friends with. There have been studies that have shown that when we take out the political debt that the government owes to us, we take out the loans much faster than when you take out other debts like mortgages or car loans, and that is due to who we’re friends with. It’s also due to who we’re friends with from school. Who we go to graduate school with. Who we are recruited to become friends with in the Army. When that whole system was set up by the founders to protect us from financial entanglements with political debts, they actually set up a system that was less effective than it could have been if they had not decided that it would be better for us to go through this buddy system and take out more loans, so in more complex situations and situations where we are going to be really in the thick of things, but really we need a trust mechanism put in place to keep us from being involved in some kind of debt based relationship with somebody.