This woman is clearly scrolling to find an acceptable picture of her new guy... and he's quickly dropping off the list.

Partnered up? This woman is clearly prioritizing the time she has to spend online.

She is so freaking desperate to meet her new boy toy she cannot even stop herself from scrolling to see something enticing.

If she hasn't looked on his page in... time?


The first shot of her new guy standing next to her was #1 on her screen in just 15 seconds. She calls this number "Emma", and was about 6 matches on the site for those two to date.

In about 15 seconds, her new man completely dropped off the list.

Her "new" guy is now down to 4 matches - all in the last 5 minutes.

She wouldn't even consider seeing something cute or even decent. SHE JUST WON'T STOP LOOKING.

And they haven't even met yet. She doesn't even have to look at his profile anymore. It's quick AND obvious.

At this point she's really trying to just get busy. She's already posted a close up of her hot new guy, which (insert your own LMAO emoticon here) might as well be a picture of weed and a very enthusiastic thumbs up in his hand.

The inside jokes in the comments section are already flowing...