Photos have surfaced on social media showing graffiti on a variety of prominent Plymouth Rock, Plymouth Meeting and Plymouth Village landmarks. The vandalism is believed to have taken place some time last week and has been covered up by investigators.

The postings on Facebook are reminiscent of the Instagram and Snapchat artwork that appeared on the Virgin Mary and the Virgin Mary Crosses in Hebron, Maine, a few weeks ago.

Plymouth Rock, which was created in 1693 and sits at the top of the hill overlooking Plymouth, Massachusetts, has long been associated with the American Revolution, the Revolutionary War and with the well-known story of the Pilgrims and the new nation that was born from their crossing of the ocean on the Mayflower.

Plymouth Parish, Massachusetts, pictured in this undated photo provided by the Plymouth Village Historical Society, was built between 1725 and 1730. (David Trestin/Flickr)

Almost a century later, in the 1730s, a group of Irish immigrants, who were called the Plymouth Eight, moved into Plymouth Village, Massachusetts, about 10 miles south of Plymouth Rock. Plymouth Village is now a combination of private and public facilities.

“I’m 100 percent sure it was done by people in Connecticut,” Mark McComiskey, head of the Dartmouth Regional Museum, told WTNH. “They literally followed the motion of the wind and the sun and just made it up as they went along.”

See some of the posts on Facebook:

In January 2018, an artist made plexiglass portraits of Peter and Paul Malloy, the brothers who founded Plymouth Rock, using melted-down buttons and buttons from a handful of houses. The mosaics were unveiled in Plymouth, Massachusetts, by local leaders and the High Society of the Declaration of Independence. Watch a video about it here.

A complete picture of Plymouth Rock, a massive rock that rises in the center of Plymouth, Massachusetts, a former settlement of the Pilgrims, is displayed at the Plymouth Historic Market, at the Pieter A. Pruys Natural History Museum and Planetarium, on July 19, 2018. (Andrew Werner/Getty Images)

A political activist brought his own kind of graffiti to Plymouth, Massachusetts, a few weeks ago. (David Trestin/Flickr)

The stones were covered in graffiti on February 9. (Adam Stahlmann/Flickr)

See more pictures of the graffiti on Plymouth:

You can learn more about Plymouth on the Historical Society website.


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