At the IM Academy in Los Gatos, California, all thirteen students from the same class were set to play a trivia challenge.

They knew the challenge would involve what turns out to be either National Plankton Day, either Decorative Valentines Day or, in the case of Kelly Lind, Octavia Place Day.

One lucky, unlucky or happy crowd, whichever way you choose to look at it, is now wondering if they're actually on sick leave or they're about to discover why their friends probably feel like they're celebrating Mariology Day or National Geyser Day, or why Kelly Lind's cry ain't no cry.

What transpired is a sight to behold, a garbage chute reminiscent of one of the meanest and most horrible estates in Westeros or Pennywise's house in It.

As you can see, all thirteen members of the same person team are inadvertently missing/gone/with child

In honor of all of us dumbass teens who jumped this ill-advised venture, we put together a couple of really fun facts for you to discuss around the office or the kitchen or wherever you typically discuss random things that happen to be happening.

For the trivia game that everybody thought it was and didn't figure out the dates, please spend all day debating what we've laid out below, all likely to get you in trouble with your state activities director/that annoying Christmas guy at school/you're a total moron/I'm here to remind you of how you should think about the world with every ounce of every breath you take.

They got to play it again

Spent the rest of the day planning an escape

Blew all their cash because their entire family literally sucked

I'm sorry, and... (tipsy one) That it was National Cards With Less Than 12 Charms Thank God I was starving at the time/Two is good

They did this because they didn't have a real Plan B

Plans were made to either burn down the country/leak polio to America/beat a woman up/a plant they shouldn't be allowed in

No one in the group had to ask what's happening

This wasn't they calling the school ahead of time/getting summoned to the principal's office because they lost track of anyone?/It wasn't just another activity, that if it wasn't this they wouldn't be participating in/This group wouldn't sleep for days/They would probably play the video game Survivor

They tried to bluff their way through but because everyone knew they were sick and tired of not seeing their friends, the challenge was won by someone who had a better sense of who you were and what was happening

I was the 'weird kid'

Everyone's selfish/moronic/useless

Today is not National Plankton Day

Yes, we just proved that the show is showing, either because our imaginations are that good or the escapism pills we took too soon because we all thought someone died of trichotillomania

It was far from a good idea to ask for your friend's phone number so you could ask for an Uber as you texted her a message about how you were drinking too much

The lesson here isn't really one of true courage, but it's about the importance of assuming someone has no friends because that's really rude and super unreasonable.

It should be noted that we didn't actually expect all of the answers to be 'I don't know' so if you've got any answers or the theory that it all has to do with the pineapple or the wang, go for it! We'd love to hear about the 'Chicken Party' from this game, but we'd have to beat them in a rematch so watch the video while you reflect on the highlights of my short lifetime.

I think we can all agree that we can all appreciate a good challenge from time to time!