After the holidays came to a close, I decided I wanted to make a few changes to help myself stay focused. I have a habit of spending a great deal of time prepping for a presentation and try to prep well in advance. I realized that when a presentation is written, things seem like they should be so easy. If you were to wake up and read it, there would be no room for stopping to take a breather. I worried it would feel unnatural to drop the presentation and go to the bathroom. I also worried it would start to feel kind of boring.

In my pajamas in front of the TV, I tried to write my presentation out and break it down into several bullet points. Then, I tried to separate out the relevant points and spend some time reflecting on what I had said. By the time I finished this project, I was much more focused. I realized how much time and effort I have invested in my presentation every year and how it could really help my efficiency and productivity.

Watching movies and watching “docu-docs” on Netflix is one of my favorite habits. I love the way films combine science with the mystic. I am mostly interested in science, and I love the way researchers can reveal more about the universe in movies. These types of movies teach you so much about science that it feels like watching a lecture.

In general, I can be very lazy and pick one thing to spend all my time on. I usually spend all my time writing down things in my head and trying to find a conversation that would work with the presentation.

Trying to start the year off right, I decided to write out the presentation in more detail, break it down into each section and try to give it much more attention.

What have you tried to do differently in terms of productivity?